OzoFiles Affiliate

 Benefits of working with Ozofiles.com

IconHighest earnings among competitors. Just check our deductions table on any of rates and make sure. Maximum comfort for affiliates. Fast Web, FTP and Remote upload. Detailed statistics. Accurate and strict payments. Comfort for users. We offer 400Kbps free download speed. Unlimited premium download speed. Your users will download files fast, secure and with joy.

What we Offer?

1.MIX Plan:Earn 60% of Initial Sales from your files & 60% of every valid* rebill generated PPD WOULD BE 50% OF 10000 Downloads

2.PPD (Pay Per Download) :PPD is a simple yet effective program that allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded. Our rates are highly competitive (up to $45/10000 downloads!) and we pay for all countries. OzoFiles.com makes sure that you are rewarded for all your traffic!

3.Webmasters:When user is registered with your referal link, 10% of his profits will be credited to your account. Webmasters – if you have a web-site, you can start earning right now! Simply register and confirm your website in your affiliate panel. All premium accounts purchased by users from your site will bring you up to 10% of it’s cost.


Size/ Group Countries A Countries B Countries C Countries D
5-100 MB 10$ 7$ 5$ 4$
100-500 MB 20$ 15$ 10$ 8$
500-1000+ 45$ 30$ 15$ 10$
  • A USA, Canada, United Kingdom
  • B France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy
  • C Japan, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Finland, Romania, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • D Rest of the world


Rules & Conditions

  • Don’t try to buy or download from yourself or use any proxies, we will not count that (Our system smart enough to detect such fraud).
  • We will block any user who’ll try to abuse our system immediately.
  • We count every successful 100% completed downloaded.
  • Files with no views/downloads will be removed 60 days after you’ve uploaded it. All other files will be saved. (Unless you decide to delete them by self).
  • You’re uploads must honor our terms of service & respect copyrights.
  • DMCA Files: If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our servers.
  • We’re not blocking account unless you got a warning first. In a matter of blocked account  Earning would be paid or not would be decided by the management .

Payments & Withdrawals



Minimum Payout: $20


Payment Methods

Bitcoins,Web money,Payza,PayPal (4% Extra Fee on PayPal Payments)



Withdrawal  request will be Processed Twice a month 15 of every month & 30 of every month  From the payout request date .