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Free File Hosting


OzoFiles.com is known as one of the pioneers among the file sharing sites that are providing the services of securing online storage. It is easier than ever before to save files, share files, transfer files and protect your personal data with OzoFiles. OzoFiles have made file sharing, file transferring, and file uploading as easy as switching on the light. Whether you have a small or very large file, no matter in which layout or on which platform, your files are accessible to you anytime and anywhere. With a Millions of satisfied clients from around the world that use our service every day to store files of all sizes, either as back-up or to share files with their friends.

What more we dont charge you anything for using our Free File Hosting services,


We offer you the following exclusive features along with our file Hosting

  • Unlimited download speed i.e. 99.99% uptime (And striving for 100%).
  • Unlimited file storage (Up to 2TB of Space for Premium users).
  • User-friendly file administrator.
  • Earn money for your files.
  • File Folder connection.
  • 500 Gb for Free Users.


Distinguishing features:

  • FTP upload (FileZilla), (You will need to register first in order to upload files via FTP) Flash Upload, and Remote Upload.
  • You can upload files by Z-o-o-m Uploader.
  • Downloads and Uploads are allowed from Every Country.
  • Only Legal Porn Allowed

Association Benefits:

  • Highest income among competitors.
  • Maximum ease for affiliates.
  • Comfort for clients.


Our team of qualified and fully committed professionals strives every day to bring you an even enhanced service of file sharing, file uploading, file transfer, and file downloading while always keeping in mind our core principles:

  1. Service: Our aim is to continuously improve our services for you. Your contentment is the key of our success.
  2. Compliance: We strongly think in respecting our user rights. Rights of confidentiality, protection, service etc. In the same respect, we strongly believe in respecting laws and make certain that we abide by with all legal requirements.
  3. Security: We appreciate the intuitive value of your data and go to limits to ensure its protection at all times.
  4. Technology: We love technology. It is at the heart of what we do and we continuously invest in the latest hardware and software to recommend you the service you deserve.
  5. Excellence: Our Company is motivated by brilliance. We strive for merit in everything we do so it reflects on the elevated quality of service we provide.